The baby says

:’) I love all my children.

Miranty Januaresty

The baby says…

I’m sorry for the sleepless nights
The times I make you sigh
I’m sorry for the crankiness
The times I scream and cry
I’m sorry I don’t have the words
For why I need you so
But I can tell you this one thing
That I need you to know
You are the center of my world
You’re everything to me
You are my sun, my moon, my stars
You’re all that I can see
I’m only little a short time
Soon I won’t need you so
But i will love you all my life
Just wanted you to know

Oh Dear baby… Forgive me 😥
Honestly, there are times when i’m so tired, when i wanna scream outloud but all i can do is cry
Forgive me baby… I’m not that good
I just…just try to be better,
I have to be more patience…

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